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Project Status:
(New status at the bottom)

  • Collecting data
  • Naming project as Project Narloo V5
  • Propose to people: Team Management (Phase 1)
  • Draft: Purple Marketplace
  • Public announce: Project Narloo
  • Release first Narloo TV: Narlootech My Edition Webisode
  • Updating Narloo logo and theme
  • Season 1 break: Narlootech My Edition (5 Webisode Release)
  • Launching Purple Store
  • Public annouce: Purple Marketplace, Purple Store and Purple Baked
  • Launching items on Purple Store
  • Finalize draft: Project Narloo
  • Final code name announce: Project Benzine
  • Propose to People: Team Management (Phase 2)
  • Launching mini page at Dannyrism Blog with status updates
  • Writing project paper
  • ...